Football predictions of new generation

The combination: Advanced mathematical predictions and football experts tip:

SCIWIN is the combination of mathematical football predictions and football experts tips.

A complex system with high capabilities is responsible for the calculation of probabilities of the possible outcomes of football matches. The system uses different data mining techniques to gather and classify football data.

Advanced mathematical algorithms do their work analysing, classifying, calculating and return probabilities for the outcomes of a game.

Afterwards, those numbers are being analysed by well-prepared football tipsters, with huge betting experience and extensive interests in football.

Our experts are always up to date with what is going on in the world of football and the world of betting. So, they combine their knowledge and expectations about a certain match with the system`s predictions.

The result are highly accurate predictions, taking the best of both mathematics and human knowledge about football.

The system has been working for some time now and you can check its results at the Success section.

You can get access to the SCIWIN predictions by registering at the website from here.

A simple visualisation of some parts of the SCIWIN system work:

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